Vacation announcement:
 I’m taking a few days off! The store will remain open to accept orders but nothing will ship until I return. The last day for 10pm cut-off to next day post will be Wednesday, August 4th. Orders received by 10pm EDT Wednesday will be with carriers Thursday, August 5th. Orders received after Wednesday, August 5th at 10pm EDT will ship as fulfillment allows, no earlier than Monday, August 15. So, if you need something now, order before Wednesday night!! And thank you all for your support, patience, and understanding.


As an extension of our previous flash sale, Gazzew has allowed RingerKeys to sell a batch of his switches to the community.
Future availability is unknown.

RingerKeys is grateful for the opportunity to get these great switches to our community. I couldn't find one poor review of these great switches. Check out what theremingoat had to say.

  • New Pearl White base
  • New plastic composition
  • Very smooth
  • Softer than Nylon PA66
  • Higher melting temperature vs. Polycarbonate (without sacrifice of smooth surface)
  • Reduced ping
  • Universal base - RGB slot (compatible with all LED styles)
  • Compatible with both Outemu-only sockets and Kailh/Gateron universal sockets
  • New leaf design
  • Increased tactility
  • Reduced leaf ping (due to metal composition and new plastic base)
  • Tactile and linear friendly
  • Lubed at factory
  • PCB-Mount (5-leg)
  • Can be "down-graded" to plate mount (3-leg) by clipping off 2x plastic legs
  • Color matched top (with-slot ==[ ]==)
  • Compatible with both thru-hole leds and SMD leds (shine up thru [ ] cutout)
  • U4 silent tactile stem (bump profile - "D" no pretravel, all bump, no post bump travel)
  • Korean springs (stainless)
  • bottoms lubed at factory (donut dip style)
  • Lubing of slide rails is not suggested, but if you feel otherwise, use a thin PTFE based grease (not 205g0 - too "sticky")