As an extension of our previous flash sale, Gazzew has allowed RingerKeys to sell a batch of his switches to the community.
Future availability is unknown.

RingerKeys is grateful for the opportunity to get these great switches to our community. I couldn't find one poor review of these great switches. Check out what theremingoat had to say.

  • New Pearl White base
  • New plastic composition
  • Very smooth
  • Softer than Nylon PA66
  • Higher melting temperature vs. Polycarbonate (without sacrifice of smooth surface)
  • Reduced ping
  • Universal base - RGB slot (compatible with all LED styles)
  • Compatible with both Outemu-only sockets and Kailh/Gateron universal sockets
  • New leaf design
  • Increased tactility
  • Reduced leaf ping (due to metal composition and new plastic base)
  • Tactile and linear friendly
  • Lubed at factory
  • PCB-Mount (5-leg)
  • Can be "down-graded" to plate mount (3-leg) by clipping off 2x plastic legs
  • Color matched top (with-slot ==[ ]==)
  • Compatible with both thru-hole leds and SMD leds (shine up thru [ ] cutout)
  • U4 silent tactile stem (bump profile - "D" no pretravel, all bump, no post bump travel)
  • Korean springs (stainless)
  • bottoms lubed at factory (donut dip style)
  • Lubing of slide rails is not suggested, but if you feel otherwise, use a thin PTFE based grease (not 205g0 - too "sticky")