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Gateron Yellow KS-3 linear switches

Gateron Yellow KS-3 linear switches

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1x quantity means 1x single switch!

Best variation of this linear switch. They greatly benefit from films and are by far the smoothest Gateron switches/housings aside from Inks v1.

A very well priced but often hard to get hold of switch. A linear switch weighted in between reds and blacks, and are well loved due to the spring and feel, especially once lubed.

Gateron Linjär and N1S switches are re-colours of the KS-3 for example. The fixing pins (for PCB-mounting) are somewhat wider than Cherry MX, giving a tighter fit. Supports two-pin LED's only.

  • no factory lube has been applied (specially requested and verified)
  • POM stem
  • nylon top and bottom
  • linear
  • stainless steel springs
  • actuation 55g
  • bottom out 63.5g
  • pre-travel 2.00mm
  • total travel 4.00mm